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    Our next show is a charity event like no other!

    Raising money for our brother Shaunymo and his family as he fights cancer the only way he knows how, BY BEATING THE LIVING SHIT OUT OF IT!!

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    W.I.L.L.I.W. Episode 323 - Promotion Spotlight (Part 17 - Deathproof Fight Club Part 1)

    Warhed stopped by the W.I.L.L.I.W. Show to chat with Elian Habanero on his special Ontario Indy Promotions series!! 

    Part 2:


    Deathproof Tournament V: Eric Cairnie vs Nick Watts

    Enjoy all the insane action as the surprise 8th tournament entrant (and DEATHPROOF Fight Club co-owner) Eric Cairnie takes on Commission member Nick Watts in a first-to-5 staples match! DVDs, downloads and streaming of the whole tournament will be available soon!

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    Final Round vs Tyler Hill

    House of Horrorshow Match (No Canvas/Barbed Wire Ropes)

    Photo credit: Brett Navarro

    Second Round vs Jesse Amato

    Pain in the Ass Match

    Photo credit: Brett Navarro

    First Round vs Aiden Rayne

    Hell's Kitchen Match

    Photo credit: Brett Navarro

    Our Champions

    Danny Orlando

    DEATHPROOF Fight Club Champion

    Photo credit: Will White

    Jesse Amato

    Drunkweight Champion

    Photo credit: Jorie Marjorie Mcconnell

    Jessie Mack

    Young Blood Champion

    Photo credit: Bradley Sicurella

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    Danny Orlando vs Smiley @ Lucha in the 6

    Highlights from Danny Orlando defending his DEATHPROOF Fight Club Championship for the first time against Smiley at Luchafest 2, held outside in Kensington Market, hosted by Lucha in the 6!!

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    Jesse Amato vs John Greed @ Notorious Basterds

    The DEATHPROOF Drunkweight Champion John Greed put his title on the line against Jesse Amato in Hamilton at NOTORIOUS BASTERDS. The rules for the match were simple: fuck your opponent up as much as possible!! Viewer discretion is advised.

    More free matches available on our YouTube channel:

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